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all handmade brass kaleidoscopes

All the kaleidoscopes are handmade, from brass, resin, silicon and glass.
The mirror systems are all made of front surface mirror
of the highest quality.

The Teleidoscope is a new type of kaleidoscope. At the top of the set of mirrors, a fish eyed lens is positioned, the lens reflects whatever the viewer points the teleidoscope at and creates a new type of visual experience. The familiar environs is broken into tiny particles that are multiplied and reflected infinitely – exciting, amusing and surprising the viewer. Amazing and a very special gift for anyone.

A clear barrel filled with oil is used to create movement : glass beads, natural stones and other special elements float within the oil. The smooth movement of the objects occurs independently without need of human intervention. The user can just watch and enjoy the spectacular images flowing in harmony and changing every moment before our eyes. Amazing and a very special gift for anyone.

The traditional kaleidoscope is made with techniques originating from the invention of the kaleidoscope in 1817. At one end of the apparatus consisting of two mirrors, is a closed section containing glass shards, beads and other reflective objects. These all move and drop within the void when the barrel is turned, and at every given moment a new magnificent image is created. This model should be used under a light source in order to see the best and clearest reflections as the light enters the side of the kaleidoscope.

Two different shaped and colored wheels are positioned opposite the set of mirrors and by turning the wheels infinite new reflective images are created. The wheels can be moved to find specific shapes and colors. This model is a favorite with designers and artists used as a toy and as a working tool for design and inspiration. A wonderful gift for anyone !

A range of classic kaleidoscopes , wheel kaleidoscopes and teleidoscopes, all handcrafted in miniature using the same techniques and materials as utilized in the regular size range.